Getting a small secured personal loan during the holiday season has become a watch word in certain communities.  People with poor credit, no access to banks and little property with enough value to secure a more traditional loan, often turn to companies for these high interest rate loans to eke out some semblance of a traditional Christmas holiday without all the trimmings.  They go into debt to provide dolls, toys, turkeys and skates when they could put the money to better use.  The pressure to celebrate can quickly turn to remorse when the bills come due, especially if there’s only one source to repay the loan, which will be deducted from their checking account after 30 short days.

It’s one thing to buy things you can’t afford because of the pressure the holiday brings, and another to provide a tangible item like clothes, food or shelter.  If you need to improve the eyesight of yourself or a child, using a loan to buy a pair of glasses from a company like Coastal would be understandable.  And you could save money in the process by combining your purchase with a money saving Groupon.  Buying a doll might not help your child see better in school, but a pair of glasses or contact lenses will help them study, focus and improve their grades.  Studies show that students who lack proper eyewear do poorly in school.  Some are too shy or worried about the family finances to speak up for fear of causing more strain on their parents.  Coastal makes shopping for glasses easy when you use a Groupon promo code.  There’s one online now that will save 30% off an order of frames and lenses, and they have glasses starting as low as $19.  Shipping is free when you order $49 worth of contact lenses, and there are other deals and specials to help outfit the whole family with new glasses.

Given the choice between a few gifs and saving money by NOT taking out a personal loan when you have bad credit can be the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season.  And if you do give the gift of corrected eyesight to someone who really needs it – that’s what makes the season reasonable.